Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pantry Shelves

Crystal needs a pantry!

The hanging storage closet to the right of the fridge has two problems for us:

  1. It's too short.  Crystal's dresses won't fit.
  2. It's too small.  Not all of her dresses will fit.
  3. It's in the kitchen.  Who wants to store clothes in the kitchen?
Okay, so that's three things.  But it could make a great pantry, with the addition of some shelves.  So I got to work and purchased "standards" which are the vertical slotted thingys that you put clips in to hold up shelves.  Cut two in half, set them to rest on the bottom of the storage, and cut some shelves to fit.  I added a trim piece on the front to dress them up and make a slight lip to keep things from wanting to fall out.  Here's the video:

My wife is very happy with the result!

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